We are at InterClean Expo 2024, the world's largest cleaning devices fair.

Greetings from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Our work, which has been going on for about three years, is now slowly coming to a conclusion. Our fully autonomous industrial cleaning robot, which no one, no institution, no university in Turkey or Cyprus was interested in but wanted to own, attracted great attention in Europe. It is currently making its voice heard as the only European robot not produced in China. The next production process will probably be in Europe.
If we can do this much in Cyprus, despite such impossibility and indifference, I think we can do better in Europe, considering the offers we received when we first saw it at the InterClean fair.

Our company and our products have already received serious support offers from technology development centers in Hamburg and Munich. Our robot ARI, whose mechanical design was designed by our project partner ARA Robotics and whose software and electronic hardware were completely developed by Cyprus Robotics in Cyprus, is now in Europe!!

We are tired of fighting with indifference. In order to continue our future innovations, our company Cyprus Robotics is moving to Germany in the coming period and will continue all developments there.

Love to you all

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  • Water Treatment Systems
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