We are in the desire to represent our country in the best way at home and abroad by producing innovative solutions for robotic automation and robot programming needs in the field of industry and industry. Our aim is to offer our long-standing knowledge to the service of our industry and to support our country's industry by producing new technologies for this purpose.

We aim to provide solutions and support in every application that you may need in the fields of industrial robot applications and related automation systems and robot programming.


Design & Engineering

Project design applications aim to maximize customer benefit from Robotic automation...

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Project Development

System automation to work efficiently, a roadmap is prepared according to the functions expected by the customer...

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Discovery & Consulting

Project experts examine your needs during the project design and pricing process and make appropriate suggestions for you...

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Technical Service & Maintenance

We offer technical support and maintenance services for all robotic work cells that we commission on turnkey basis.

Experience (year)

12 +

Export to Country

25 +

Completed Projects

150 +

Customer Satisfaction

98.4 %


  • Reducing cost
  • Replacing workers in dangerous and risky places
  • Providing a more flexible production system
  • Providing more consistent quality control
  • To meet the shortage of skilled labor
  • Ability to work continuously for three shifts
  • Ability to lift more loads than humans
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Ability to reach results faster than humans
  • Proficiency in tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Ability to work in hazardous environments
  • Minimizing quality control errors
  • Increasing the amount of output
  • Quickly earns its own cost
  • High flexibility of movement
  • High profits


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Contact Us

Technology Development Zone No:14, EMU Campus, Famagusta - Cyprus

(+90) 533 888 55 03

Email: [email protected]

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Our Solutions

  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Elevator & Crane Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Construction Applications
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Machine Automation
  • Marine Automation
  • Metalworking Automation
  • Automation Automation
  • Agriculture & Food Automation

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